Active Self Awareness

Active Self-Awareness is the deliberate pursuit of awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations in this environment in this moment, that is, one’s Observing Self. With practice this awareness can be reached more quickly.

It is useful to become aware of one’s Observing Self, that is, the “You” that is aware of yourself, the self that is experiencing the thoughts, feelings and sensations.

By being aware of your Observing Self, you can avoid becoming fused with your Thoughts, Feelings and Sensations.

Also you get better at bringing your attention to the present moment rather than the time traveling that leads to fusing with thoughts and memories of the past, or thoughts and images of the imagined future.

Then your Observing Self can make choices to move your life forward in a healthy direction. Let the thoughts and their labels, and the feelings and their labels, come and go like clouds on the blue sky. You are the sky, not the clouds. Go for it!