Face-to-Face Meeting Format and SMART Recovery

One of the most helpful strategies for changing harmful addictive behavior is to strive for consistency. SMART Recovery not only encourages practice, scheduling, and consistency as a means for individuals to develop positive and healthy new habits, but it also encourages its volunteers to follow a structure so that people who attend SMART meetings anywhere can expect the same level and style of support. From the SMART website:

There are a number of advantages of consistency. A major component of SMART Recovery® is meetings, whether face-to-face or online. If these meetings vary widely, then who are we? If a Facilitator were having momentary or longer lasting difficulties, how would a participant know that the meeting was not typical, if there were no typical? How would Facilitators know whether they were improving, if there were nothing to compare with?

From another perspective, we have been in the business of providing meetings under the name SMART Recovery® since 1994. We have learned a few things, and we can incorporate the “tried and true” into a meeting format that is powerful, yet flexible. By using that format, we can increase our chances of reaching and helping the broadest range of participants.

Link to full meeting outline explanation.